Developed on a Web 3.0 platform, MADOG is the next generation defi meme currency for a decentralized network. Hop onboard our multiverse spaceship as we revolutionize the future of meme-coins giving them real world functionality.
ERC20 CONTRACT 0xb603dFCbb1AbE7b053bA3634d7E3192fbdBAD56B Copy



No Buy or Sell Tax




NFT DAO Series


MADOG DAO series is an enlistment of 540 unique NFTs under a ERC 720 contract for the parliament of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization . Allowing holders to exercise their governance on a web3 decentralized network.


The Multiverse App


Can you imagine a metaverse that rewards you for simply living your life ? Earn as you move through your daily routine and accrue rewards in our native currency (MADOG) for walking , running , driving, traveling and sleeping. Experience real time utility in the multiverse app through your unique avatars (NFTs) with superpowers. Help us break the norm and MetaFi your life on a P2E platform built like never before.




A verse where you can earn rewards for living your life . Designed on a web3 decentralized network to MetaFi your life.


Join our mission to GamiFi your life. Explore the endless opportunities where AR meets VR to deliver a unique metaverse experience. Members of this community will shape the future of MADOG and earn dynamic rewards in the process.

  • Website Development
  • Contract Deployment
  • White Paper V 1.0
  • Website Deployment
  • Online Social Presence
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Pink Sale Fair Launch
  • Listing on DEX
  • Listing on CEX
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • NFT Contract Deployment
  • NFT Minting
  • DAO Establishment
  • NFT Holder Rewards
  • Multiverse Game
  • Series 2 NFT Deployment
  • Mobile APP Development
  • AR & VR Integration
  • Mobile & Game Testing
  • White-paper 2.0
  • Pre-launch Marketing
  • Series 2 NFT release
  • Smart watch Integration
  • Beta Version Launch of Mobile App and Game
  • Beta Launch of AR & VR
How to buy MADOG?

MADOG is a rug proof ERC20 Token on Ethereum Blockchain


1) Download Metamask or Trust Wallet

2) Head over to Uniswap or 1Inch

3) Connect your wallet and swap your ETH for MADOG


Contact our Coordinators on Telegram for further assistance.

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What is Marvel Doge?

Marvel Doge is a digital asset made on a DEFI protocol for a decentralized blockchain network. It is an OPENVERSE made on WEB 3.0 for one of a kind AR & VR experience.

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What is the misson?

To provide a currency with premium commodity, a super powered METAVERSE for the best P2E gaming experience and multiple streams of passive income.

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Who is the team?

There is an anonymous group of investors, blockchain specialist, techies, digital artists, developers and advisors on board to lead this project. A KYC is in progress to protect the MADOG community.

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Who do I contact for a partnership?

This is a community project so all inquiries and alliances are welcome. contact [email protected] or reach us on our telegram channel for correspondence.

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